All the Small Things

One of my art teachers, Hali Karla suggested to me that when I am working creatively, when I get stuck to try going big or going small. I found this idea quite intriguing and also very useful and I have enjoyed expanding this into everyday life. If I am looking at the big picture too much, I come back to smaller parts, and if I am poring over the details of life, I lift my head up to the bigger vision.

I swim almost every morning in the ocean in our local pontoon. Being an observer in this watery world is fascinating and there is always something new to see. Lots of big creatures to be sure, sea stars, fish of many varieties, and crabs galore. I have recently purchased a camera which can operate underwater and my world has expanded. I am able to get both macro and micro views on the larger creatures and see detail on tiny critters I hadn’t noticed before.

Taking time to notice all the little things has brought up more curiosity about all the things I cannot see. This reminds me that I am also one of the small things and am a little part of a huge organic process. Looking outside myself keeps my life in perspective, so I remember to work on the things I have control over and be wise enough to let go of all the things I cannot change.

Port Lincoln Pontoon

Micro detail on 11 armed sea star

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