Ghana Style!

Painting by Ezi

Painting by Nii

Well, wow! My feet have touched the ground but my heart and soul still feel like they are flying over Ghana 🙂 I have met some new friends and due to the joy of the internet have email addresses to keep in contact!

I had the most amazing two weeks over there, staying with Nii Tettey Tetteh and his family at the Kusun Guesthouse, learning Kpanlogo and Orge drum rhythms on the Kpanlogo drums and soaking in festivals, culture and the Art Centre while I was there.

One of the festivals I attended was the Homowo Festival (Festival of Hugging) of the La people where people hug each other as a sign of unity, peace and reconciliation. I was fortunate to appear on  Metro News, Ghana.

Nii Tettey manages and plays in the Kusun Ensemble. They perform world wide and are an amazing group! We got to listen to their practice sessions and watch the dancers…whew!

I was joined by Sydney man Stew and we had lessons with Adotey (known as Grandpa as he is the master drummer) and Nii Tettey himself. I was very much the beginner and just tried to keep up! I have come home with some rhythms to share so I am happy.

Thanks to the wonder of technology, I have lots of videos and sound recordings to help me remember, not as many photos as I would have liked, I was just so busy experiencing everything…grateful that Stew has some to share 🙂

The Ga people I met in Nungua, Accra work very hard, are super friendly and everyone seemed to have their own micro business, all sorts, rangeing from jewellery making, walking around selling fresh pineapple (shucked and cut up…yum!!!) and the tiny little store next door where I could buy ‘minutes’ for my phone, part of a loaf of bread, biscuits, toilet paper…all sorts!

There is such a wonderful mix of modern and traditional. Nearly every teenager and adult that I met owns a mobile phone and women still wrap their babies on their back and carry their produce and wares to sell on their heads. Very strong and fit. The babies are so happy, rare to hear them crying, I just loved it! I had a front sling for my second two babies but carrying on the back, wrapped in a very simple bit of cloth would have been much more practical.

I loved my walk each morning where I met so many people, as the only white woman in the village I had a lot of people come to meet me and shake the special handshake and stumbled through my Ga greetings…made lots of children laugh! My mouth just found it so hard to speak the syllables!!!

At Kusun we were surrounded by music, this is a cultural centre, led by Nii Tettey, working hard to revive and continue traditional music and there were several other bands that practiced there. Evenings were spent dancing, eating spicy food and often enjoying a Club (the only beer I have ever really enjoyed)

I can’t wait until the warmer weather comes so I can break out my Ghana dresses. Until then I will remember the warm days and nights there with great music and wonderful new friends. Midase 🙂

Korkor & Grandma

Korkor & Grandma

Kusun Friday 023

Me grooving the Kpanlogo!

5 comments on “Ghana Style!
  1. David says:

    Lovely newsy article Michelle. Great photos and can’t wait to hear the drum when it finally arrives. Lots of love and see you real soon 🙂

  2. hali says:

    This sounds so amazing, Michelle! You are beaming. I’m so happy you were able to experience this. Big hugs to you, love!

  3. Helen says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip, Michelle – would love to hear you drumming one day!

  4. Michelle says:

    Thanks Hali and Helen, this was such an amazing experience, and only just now getting new skins for my drums, ready to play 🙂

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